Roll the Dice on Live Events at Aces & Eights Saloon

Learn about the live music & Karaoke events we host in Cedar Rapids, IA

Why is Aces & Eights Saloon always a full house? Unlike other local bars that try to sweeten the pot with cheap drinks and bland bar food, we have an ace up our sleeve-Aces & Eights Saloon is home to some of the top live music performances and events in the Cedar Rapids, IA area. We have karaoke, too.

Whether you're planning a first date or a night out with friends and family, you're bound to hit the jackpot at Aces & Eights Saloon.

Want more information about the live music and events at our bar? We're happy to show our cards. Call 319-365-2593 now to talk to a member of our staff.

Join in the fun at Aces & Eights Saloon

There's always something going on at Aces & Eights Saloon, and if you play your cards right, you can get in on the fun, too. Some of our most popular events in Cedar Rapids, IA include:

  • Karaoke nights
  • Live music performances from local artists
  • Charity events
  • Themed parties

Don't miss out on the fun at Aces & Eights Saloon. Contact us today for details about our upcoming events.